Irving Electric

Irving Electric is located in the Memphis, Tennessee area. With over twentyfive years of individual experience starting out in residential and apartment construction proceeding to large retail, medical and industrial projects. We are currently concentrating on service work and small projects. Irving Electric is a quality and detail oriented company.

Company Profile

Owner: Chris Irving, 52 years young, married for 26 years with a 24 year old daughter and 21 year old son, I am a avid cyclist, car enthusiast and photographer.   I have lived in the Memphis area my whole life.  I started off working for my uncle, Ed Watson in 1979 installing ceiling fans for Fancy Fans of Memphis. My electrical career at B&R Electric (residential and apartments), Pitt Electric (apartments), Gingery Electric (residential, commercial and industrial) and on to Ekmark Electric (heavy commercial and industrial).  I also taught an industrial motor controls class at the local Independent Electrical Contractors Association.

Irving Electric is a small family owned business with integrity, honesty and dependability on top of the list.  You will be dealing with me or, if you are fortunate, my wife Pam.  

The benefit to you is that you will have the owner of the company, not some hourly employee on your project, guaranteeing the project to be completed right and on time, saving you money.  With a well stocked truck and my vast experience I can come up with better methods and/or materials to do a quality job for you.




Contact Information:

901.373.7018 Phone

901.379.3578 Fax